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Arabian & Mediterranean Cuisine

Mystic Grill & Bakery is a contemporary Arabian restaurant that serves authentic Arabian and Mediterranean cuisine with the warm hospitality typical of a Arabian family restaurant.

Mystic Grill’s menu showcases a cornucopia of dishes ranging from well-known Middle Eastern specialties such as Hummus, Tabbouleh and kebabs, to more unusual offerings from Libya and Turkey.

Our History

Best Arabian & Mediterranean Cook In Town

Established in 1999 by the  Chef Ghazi Ahmed, a native Lybian, moved with his family to USA in 1998 and made it his mission to introduce and showcase authentic Arabian food in San Diego. The family continues Chef Ghazi’s  preserving his recipes, ensuring the quality of food which is served with great Arabian hospitality.

Customers can expect to feast on the rich and diverse cuisines of the Levantine region.

Location 1    University Ave, San Diego

6990 University Ave.
La Mesa, CA, 91942

Tel: (619) 461-1985

Location 2    Fletcher Parkway, San Diego

8191 Fletcher Parkway
La Mesa, CA, 91942

Tel: (619) 464-2910